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Toshiba LCU/SFC OPC Server Configuration Guide

TCP/IP Configuration

Typical LCU Master configuration

Typical SFC Master configuration

The Remote Port numbers are the Remote Transmit Port, Receive Port numbers
The Local Port numbers are the Local Transmit Port, Receive Port numbers

Typical LCU Slave configuration

Typical SFC Slave configuration

Channel Configuration


The Toshiba driver uses the User Definable Protocol driver.

Protocol Definition
Protocol File Name
LCU Master lcumaster.def
SFC Master sfcmaster.def
LCU Slave lcuslave.def
SFC Slave sfcslave.def
Browse Browse for ASCII protocol definition file.
Slave Not used
Log Matched Pattern Not used
Concurrent Device Requests Not used
Log Unmatched data longer than Set to 0.

Device Configuration

Address s.s.s,d.d.d
s1.s2.s3 Sending Station Identification
s1 or d1 Installation Location Number
1 GM 1
2 GM 2
3 GM 3
4 SM 1
5 SM 2
s2 or d2
1 SM1 or SFC1 or SCADA1
2 SM2 or SFC2 or SCADA2
3 SM3
4 SM4
5 SM5
6 SM6
7 SM7
8 SM8
9 SM9
10 SM10
s3 or d3 Station No
1 High End System
2 Low End System
d1.d2.d3 Receiving Station Identification
Browse File Not Used

Variable Types

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