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Omron Host Link OPC Server Configuration Guide

Channel Configuration

Serial Serial Link
Master IOServer will initiate all requests.
Slave IOServer will wait for and respond to requests.
Set PLC to Monitor mode
On Write Error Set PLC to Monitor mode when a write to the PLC caused an response code of 0x01 (Execution was not possible because the PC is in RUN mode) from the PLC.
At Start Up Set PLC to Monitor mode at startup
Never Never set the mode of the PLC
Buffer Size Maximum total buffer size. Use multi-frames block format if more than 128 bytes is specified.

Device Configuration

Multi Link Station Address Address of Link Station. If disabled then single link address mode is used.
Station Address Address of Device
PLC Type Support All C-Series and CV-Series PLC. Use C-Series commands set.

Variable Types


Writing to bits in words is supported by reading the words, modify the bits and writing it back to the PLC. Up to 464 contiguous bits can be written (for a 128 bytes buffer size) at a time.

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