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IEC 61850/61400-25 OPC Server Configuration Guide

Designed to read and write to IEC 61850/61400-25 Servers. IEC 61850 is based on MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification, ISO 9506). Only the TCP/IP profile is supported. GOOSE is not supported.

This IEC 61850 client can handle any current or future data models (IEC 61400-25 for wind turbines, IEC 62344 for Hydroelectric power plants and IEC62350 for Distributed Energy Resources (DER)). The SCL (System Configuration Language) file is not required because the data model is extracted from the device when the device first comes online.

Channel Configuration

Browse File File to load and store objects for this channel. This file is automatically generated and all objects are saved to this file on channel shutdown. Objects are loaded from this file at channel start up. This filename must be unique for each channel. File extracted from the device are also stored in this directory. This field must not be empty, a filename must be entered. Our IEC-61850 client driver does not require the use of ICD files since the data model of the device is extracted from the device when IOServer first connects to that device. The browse file stores this data model.
Max MMS PDU Size Maximum MMS PDU size called to MMS Server.
Time Bias Time offset in minutes to be added to events reported to OPC clients.
Quality Bits Mapping Map .q quality bits to OPC Quality Codes. The default mapping is to map .q01 to .q05 to OPC Quality Codes 40, 18, d8, 54 and 50. Set to "C0" to stop the mapping.
Flatten Browse Tree Flatten tree when browsing device objects.
Use UTC Time If enabled, received time are interpreted as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time.
Max writes per write request Set to 0 for no limit to the number of write requests that can be sent in a single write request.
Mechanism Mechanism for authenticating connection.
Password Password for authenticating connection.
Application Logging Log Application layer diagnostics.
Presentation Logging Log Presentation layer diagnostics. Decode MMS message.
Session Logging Log Session layer diagnostics.
Transport Logging Log Transport layer diagnostics.
Link Logging Log Link layer diagnostics.
Configure Unsolicited Information Reports Uncheck to stop IOServer from enabling/disabling unsolicited information reports at device startup.
Unsolicited Information Report Name of unsolicited information report.
Status Enable this unsolicited information report.

Device Configuration

Address Not used

Variable Types


Double bits

You can read and write to these multiple bit values as a single byte value by post-fixing the tag name with ",UI1"
eg. Device.ATCC1.CO.TagChg.Oper.ctlValue,UI1

Ordinal Double Bits Tap Changer Command
0 Intermediate Stop
1 Off Lower
2 On Higher
3 Bad Reserved

Control Model

When writing to .ctlVal, the .ctlModel in the "CF" structure for that item determines the security method used. If the .ctlModel is 4 (SBO with enhanced security), the write to the Oper structure is preceded by a write to the SBOw structure. If you want to use "SBO with normal security" for writes to a .ctlVal, then set the .ctlModel of the associated CF structure to 2.

ctlModel Select Operate
0 Status only
1 Direct with normal security
3 Direct with enhanced security
Write to Oper structure
2 SBO with normal security Read SBO structure Write to Oper structure
4 SBO with enhanced security Write SBOw structure Write to Oper structure

File Transfer from device

Writing an empty string to .File will return the name of the next file to be transferred in .File.

Writing the filename of the file to be extracted to .File will cause that file to be extracted. An empty .File will be reported when the file is finally extracted.

Writing a directory name terminated by '\' will cause fileDirectory request to be issued.

In the OPC Gateway set "Device.File = Device.File". This will cause all unextracted files from the top level directory to be extracted whenever the OPC client writes an empty string to .File.

All files extracted will be stored under the Browse Directory. A file is considered unextracted if its timestamp is newer than a file of the same name in this directory.

Multiple reads and writes

Port.Max Input Queue Length controls the maximum number of read or write requests that can be packed into each MMS read or write request. IOServer will automatically stop polling for an item if it receive an unsolicited InformationReport for that item.

SOE Logging format

SOE logging is enabled by setting a valid directory in Log File.SOE File Path

IEC61850 1 Device1.­Relay.­LLN0.­ST.­Loc.­stVal, 0, 1, 2012 03 29 10:01:09.­946249
1 = Unsolicited
2 = Polled
Tag Name Quality Bits Value Timestamp

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