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Allen Bradley OPC Server Configuration Guide

Channel Configuration

Ethernet Ethernet Message Format
DF1 DF1 message format
KT Not available
Full Duplex Use Full Duplex protocol
Half Duplex Not available
CRC Use 16 bit CRC
BCC Use 8 bit Check Sum
Master IOServer will initiate all requests.
Slave IOServer will wait for and respond to requests.
Peer to Peer IOServer will act as Master and Slave
Disable ACK Messages Disable the transmission of ACK Messages
Station ID Station Address of IOServer

Device Configuration

Module Use Pyramid Integrator (PLC-5/250) Module
Station Address Address of Device
PLC Type Select PLC-5, PLC-3, PLC-2, SLC 5/03, SLC 5/04 or SLC 5/05

Variable Types


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