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IOServer Pricing

The price depends on the number of bytes used. A digital is counted as one byte, analogs are counted by the number of bytes they consume (e.g. 16-bit integer is 2 bytes, 32-bit floating-point value is 4 bytes). Five clients accessing 2000 bytes each will require a 10000 bytes license. Licenses can always be upgraded to a higher byte limit, the upgrade fee is the current price minus the original fee. SOE (Sequence of Event) logged are included in the byte count. Each reference to a unique external tag (irrespective of size) in the OPC Gateway is an additional one byte.

: 1 AUD
100 bytes license
200 bytes license
500 bytes license
1,000 bytes license
2,000 bytes license
5,000 bytes license
10,000 bytes license
20,000 bytes license
50,000 bytes license
100,000 bytes license
200,000 bytes license
500,000 bytes license
1,000,000 bytes license
On-Site Technical Support & Engineering Services / days + all expenses
Phone and 24/7 support 20% of total licensing fee per Annum
Email Support No Charge

The price includes all developed protocols. The above prices do not include Australian GST (10% Goods and Services Tax).

To Order IOServer

Please download the full version of the software and evaluate the software before ordering. The documentation is also available offline by installing iosdoc.exe. We can make any reasonable changes to IOServer to support your particular project.
We will email you our invoice as soon as your purchase order is received. We require the following information for each order

  • Full Company Name of the final user
  • Computer Name that IOServer will be running. See IOServer/Help/About IOServer to get the computer name.
  • Number of bytes required
  • Email address to which we can email the software key.

We accept payment by direct bank transfer, bank cheque, MasterCard, or VISA. We prefer bank transfers.
Email orders to: sales@ioserver.com
Mail orders to:

IOServer Pty Limited
134/1 Fontenoy Road
North Ryde, Sydney
NSW 2113

On confirmation of your payment, we will email you the software key to allow you uninterrupted use of the software.

IOServer Software Key

IOServer is protected by a software key. The software key generated depends on the full company name of the final user, the computer name of the machine that IOServer is running on and the number of bytes licensed.

We can issue you with a temporary key if you email us the computer name of the machine that will be running IOServer.

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