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Alstom IEC870 Courier OPC Server Configuration Guide

A KITZ101 K-bus/RS232 interface is required to convert between the computer RS232 port and the relay K-Bus.

Channel Configuration

Protocol Mode Choose Protocol Mode
Master IOServer will initiate all requests.
Slave IOServer will wait for and respond to requests.

Device Configuration

Station Address Address (decimal) of slave. (1 to 254, 255 is the broadcast address) Up to 6 levels of addresses may be specified.
Browse File Read device database from this file at start up. Write device database to this file at shutdown. If this file is empty, then the driver will extract the entire database from the device at start up, this process may take a few minutes, but it is only done once. Delete this file to force the extraction of the database again. Set the port input queue length to 1 and the port watch time to 500 seconds when extracting the database the first time to stop the driver from timing out at start up. Restore the port input queue length to 32 and the port watch time to 10 seconds after the database is extracted.
Disturbance files (Dnnn) and complex fault records (Fnnn) for each device will be stored under their own sub directory under the main directory. Use a separate main directory for each port.
Poll Interval Issue a status poll, if device is not polled for more than the poll interval.
Sync Time Start of poll time within poll interval.

Variable Types



Time Synchronization Writing any value to SetTime will set the device clock to the current PC time. Devices with synchronised real time clock or free running clock are supported.
Disturbance Full path name of the disturbance record extracted. Automatically calls "decomp" to decompress the file. Extraction of Disturbance Record is initiated by the driver when .StatusByte.Dist is set by the relay.
Event Full path name of the fault record extracted. Complex fault records are written to disk, the menu cell, record number and full path name are appended to the event. All EVENT are also logged to the log file. Extraction of Event Record is initiated by the driver when .StatusByte.Event is set by the relay.
GetSettings Save column to file. Writing a string
to this variable cause Record of that Column to be extracted and written to FileName.
If Column is -1, then the entire database is written to FileName.
PutSettings The setting file previously obtained by GetSettings is written to the relay. Only entries with [limits] are written. The file name is specified by the string to be written.
Reset/Set Reset resets the menu cell on writing to this cell. Set issue a Enter Setting Mode/Preload Setting/Execute sequence on writing to this cell. Reset is chosen if no writing mode is specified.
(variable) The cell value. Hexadecimal values are prefixed with 0x.
{type:length} The courier data type and length of the cell.
<strings> List of strings for cell.
[limits] The setting limits of the cell. [Cell value, minimum, maximum, step/increment, Multiplier]

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