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IEC 60870-5-103 Master OPC Server Configuration Guide

Channel Configuration

Protocol Mode Choose Protocol Mode
Master IOServer will initiate all requests.
Slave IOServer will wait for and respond to requests.
Database Directory The directory in which the database extracted from each devices is stored. The database is automatically saved by IOServer when the device is closed and is read into memory when the device starts up. This allows the objects to be browsed even if the device is offline.

When using the Serial port, even parity must be selected.

Device Configuration

Slave Station Address Address (decimal) of slave. (0 to 254, 255 is the broadcast address)
Poll Interval Issue a class 2 poll at this polling interval to poll for events.
General Interrogation Interval Initiate General Interrogation at this interval. When connecting to multiple relays, the GI Poll interval will need to be spread out by using
"900,0" for Device 1 (GI Poll at 0:00, 0:15, 0:30, 0:45, 1:00 ...)
"900,60" for Device 2 (GI Poll at 0:01, 0:16, 0:31, 0:46, 1:01 ...)
"900,120" for Device 3 (GI Poll at 0:02, 0:17, 0:32, 0:47, 1:02 ...)
and etc.,

Writing any value to .GI will force General Interrogation to be performed immediately.

Time Synchronization Interval Synchronise the clock in the relay at regular interval. You can also create a broadcast device (Slave Station Address set to 255) to set the clock of all relays instead. A value of 0 will disable this feature.
Definition File Device Tag Name definition File.7sj531.txt is the definition file for Siemens Protection Relay 7SJ531. The Definition file is not needed if you are using the numeric tag name to access objects in the relay. In the .txt file, each line have four tab separated entries.
Function Type
Informational Number
Tag name
Numeric Tag Name Use numeric tag name. Numeric tags are of the form: Device.FunctionType.InformationNumber

Variable Types


Not implemented:
Generic Services
Extraction of disturbance record


Measurands from the relays are 13 bit values between -4096 to +4096. The +/-4096 is +/- 240% of the rated value. These raw values have to be scaled to engineering values as follows.

If the Relay software shows a value of 109, but IOServer show a value of 635 at the same time, then the scaling factor is
4096 * 109/635 => 703.09
You then use the modifier

See addtags.html for more information of tag scaling.

OPC Quality Values

OPC Quality Value Meaning
D8 The cause of transmission is 9 (General Interrogation)
40 The Double-point information has a value of 0
44 The Double-point information has a value of 3

Siemens Siprotec Relays

Make sure that you have configured the Siemens relay correctly to send the data the you need, especially that data that are marked "Priv" in the Siemens Manual.

"Priv" are private siemens data type. Set parameter 7221 SYS INTERF to "VDEW EXTENEDED"

Excerpt from SIPROTEC Additional Information for users of the IEC 60870-5-103 Communication Interface in SIPROTEC Protection Relays EV S V 13

SIPROTEC 4 relays and V3 relays offer a large amount of information on the IEC interface. This amount of information can however be controlled by the user: . For V3 relays the user can select via parameter 7221 SYS INTERF whether compatible information only shall be available (setting "VDEW COMPATIBLE") or whether all information (compatible and private range) shall be transmitted. Please check, that this parameter is set to "VDEW EXTENDED" if you want to use manufacturer specific information additionally

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