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Using IOServer with Wonderware Intouch

Wonderware can access IOServer via FSGateway, OPCLink or DDE. We recommend FSGateway or OPCLink.

Assuming that there is a Modbus device named 'Master' in our OPC server. To access an integer input 300036 in Device Master from Wonderware. Get mbtcp.io for a
sample Modbus configuration.

To configure "Tag1" in Wonderware to read "Master.30036" as an integer


Access Name: Master
Application Name: OPCLink
Topic Name: Master
Which protocol to use: SuiteLink

OPCLink Topic Definition
Topic Name: Master
OPC Server Name: IOServer
OPC Path: Master.
The "." after Master is important. Master is the Name of the device in IOServer

Tagname Dictionary
Tagname: Tag1
Type: I/O Integer
Access Name: Master
Item: i30036

I/O Discrete prefixed with 'd' are Digital
I/O Integer prefixed with 'i' are Long (32 bit)
I/O Real prefixed with 'r' are Real
I/O message prefixed with 's' are String.

Advise only active must be disabled.


FSGateway.exe must be started as an application by running C:\­Program Files\­Wonderware\­DAServer\­FSGateway\­Bin\­FSGateway.exe

Do not start FSGateway from the system management console.



Access Name: Master
Application Name: IOSDDE
Topic Name: Master
Which protocol to use: DDE

Tagname Dictionary
Tagname: Tag1
Type: I/O Integer
Access Name: Master
Item: Master.30036

Turn off WindowMaker/­Special Configure/­Window Viewer
Properties/­General/­IO/­Start Local Servers to stop the IOSDDE.EXE Wonderware
warning message.

Wonderware Q/A

Q: I need to get time stamped data into InSQL with the stamp read from the device.

A: We have a number of sites that uses our DNP3 OPC Server to log time stamped DNP3 data into InSQL. They use Wonderware OPCLink to connect to our DNP3 OPC Server. If the DNP3 device report 20 events, then our OPC Server will report 20 change of state to OPCLink. The date and time stamp of each change of state is the date and time stamp reported by the DNP3 Device.

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