Energy from wind and sun


Wind and PV hybrid that can extract energy from the wind and the sun at the same time and place with a very small footprint.


Wind and sun are intermittent. This method can switch between wind, sun or both depending on which have the most energy at that time.


The generator at the center of a disk will capture the wind. Lightweight PV modules on the disk will capture the sunlight.

images/Small Disk.png
Small Disk
images/Large Disk.png
Larger Disk


Where there are bright sunlight and wind and demand for electricity.


Eighteen months after the reservations target is reached. The expected price is US$2.50 per peak watt. Spreadsheet for cost and energy production estimates.


The disk has two-axis tracking to point to the sun or wind. Hexagonal lightweight glass-fiber-reinforced plastic bifacial PV modules are fitted over the hexagonal struts. A brushless DC motor at the center can harvest the concentrated wind during windy sunless periods. Bird strikes are avoided by putting a wire mesh before the blades. The disk can be used in uneven, hilly sites or over deep water. The grounds will be largely undisturbed.

images/Wind Turbine.gif
Wind Turbine
Frameless hexagonal bifacial PV modules made with dodecagonal PV cells


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